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Preschool Dress Code

My Summit Adventures Preschool Dress Code


Polo Shirts:

  • Short or long sleeve
  • Solid Color
  • Colors:
      -Navy or Royal Blue,
      -Red or Maroon



  • Blue, Khaki or Black Pants
  • Blue, Khaki or Black Shorts
  • Blue, Khaki or Black Uniform Dresses*
  • Blue, Khaki or Black Uniform Jumpers*
  • Blue, Khaki or Black Uniform Skorts*
Please choose pants that are easy to get on and off for toileting. 
*Leggings, tights, or biker short of any color needs to be worn under skirts, skorts and jumpers.


General Information.

Outerwear-Students may wear appropriate jackets, hats, gloves and boots of their choosing in the winter months.

Sweaters/Jackets/Sweatshirts-if worn in the classroom or inside the school should be Solid Navy or Black  Hoodies are not allowed.

Undershirts-must be white or a solid color that matches the color of the uniform shirt being worn. T-shirts with logos or lettering are not permitted.

Hats-including hoods, beanies, head scarves or bandanas may NOT be worn in the classroom or in the school buildings during regular school hours.

Shoes-Students may wear any closed toe shoe or closed heel athletic shoe with a non-marking sole.

Backpacks-We encourage all students to bring their own backpack to school everyday. 



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