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Preschool School Year Calendar

Preschool 2024-2025
Start Dates
Monday, Wednesday and Friday (MWF) AM Class: Monday, August 26
Tuesday/Thursday (T/TH) AM Class: Tuesday, August 27
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday PM Class: Monday, August 26
The Utah State Board of Education offers Professional Development to
Preschool teachers throughout the year. During these professional
development trainings days, there will be no preschool so that our teachers
can attend. We will notify parents of the dates as soon as the Utah State
Board of Education posts the dates.
-Fall/Winter USBE Annual Preschool Teacher Conference: Date TBA  (No School)
-Spring UAEYC Conference: Date TBA (No School)
**Field Trip Days may alter the calendar. Classes may combine for field trips, if your class combines with another class there may be a day of no preschool following the field trip.
** USBE offers preschool training classes every year. There will be no preschool on these training/conference days to enable our teachers to attend. Dates will be posted once USBE has posted the conference.