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Kindergarten Afterschool

Does your Kindergartener love learning and
would thrive in an all-day fun academic environment?
Then enrichment is right for them! 
What are the  class options and release times options for PM Enrichment?
12:30 PM Lunch Bunch (Monday-Thursday)
1:30 PM Extend Time (Monday-Thursday)
3:00 PM Full Day Enrichment (Monday-Thursday), 1:00 PM (Friday)
 What is Enrichment?
Enrichment is an option for Morning Kindergartners who need an all day option.
I only need 1-2 Days a week for enrichment?
Enrichment is flexible! We have full day options (5 Days per week) and part time options (1-4 Days per
week). We do ask for a schedule for lesson planning and billing.
Does Enrichment Offer Homework help?
Yes! Our enrichment staff work with your student to provide homework help.